Kate McDonnell was born in 1976 in Birkenhead and now lives and works in the City of Bath.

Theory and Practice
Mania, obsession and madness are at the heart of my practice. In my current work I’m embodying cyclical thoughts, grandiosity, rage and over-activity in objects. By using the materials of madness such as psychiatrist’s letters I’m using to-hand materials in the tradition of asylum art. This frenzied process reveals a controlled, focused violence where sublime madness meets the banal formality of mental healthcare. I’m trying to create a new visual language to interrogate the reality of mental illness.

Line and Point, Centrespace, Bristol (forthcoming October 2018)
MFA Show, Bath Spa University, Bath (forthcoming September 2018)
Trowbridge Town Hall Open, Town Hall Arts, Trowbridge, 2018
CONTINUUM, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath, 2018
The Bath Open Art Prize, 44AD, Bath, 2018
Reflection, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, 2018
Open Exhibition 2018, Bath Society of Artists, Bath, 2018
The Porthleven Prize exhibition, Sion Hill, Bath Spa University, 2017-18
The Porthleven Prize exhibition, Porthleven Lifeboat House, 2017
Someplace, Centrespace, Bristol, 2017
The Bath Open Art Prize, 44AD, Bath, 2017
The Future Can’t Wait, Black Swan Arts, Frome, 2017 
Art and Text, 44AD, Bath, 2017
Austerity, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath, 2016
What’s in my Head, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath, 2014

Continuum, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath, 2018
What’s in my Head, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath, 2014

Porthleven Prize, 2017

Porthleven Prize site visit and residency, Porthleven, 2017
Walcot Chapel residency, Bath, 2017